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Senior Care Solutions Online LLC helps by providing a full range of services, including:

• Assessing physical, psychological, social and emotional needs to develop care plans
• Arranging for supportive services
• Providing guidance to secure all eligible benefits
• Navigating through complex medical systems
• Patient Advocacy
• Overseeing the quality of care provided to the individual, at home or in a facility
• Acting as a surrogate or liaison for our clients
• Manage and coordinate the care and services of a loved one
• Provide companion services to help the older person thrive at home or in a facility
• Help elders with choosing a facility
• Conduct ongoing assessments to determine if the client is receiving the most appropriate level of care and make changes as necessary
 •Screening, arranging and monitoring in-home care
 •Reviewing financial, legal or medical issues and offering safe referrals
 •Securing Medicaid and other little-known benefits
 •Transportation and socialization
 •Acting as advocates for our clients and a liaison for families when relatives don’t live nearby
 •Helping decide when it’s time to move to a facility and assisting with that move

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